7 Inch



Operating System



ARM11 800Mhz

IP Cam specifications:

All  SBI  IP Camera like HC880x/HC830x serial IP Cam.

Max:  4 HD H.264 IP Camera.

 - H.264 1280*720 2Mbps 30fps

Video Output

7-inch LCD panel display 800*480 resolution  (Support touch screen)

Recording specifications

HDD : Up to 2TB HDD with swap-bay design  (No hot-plug feature).

HDD file system : EXT3

Recording file :  H.264 .AVI file.   (One channel with one file).

Recording mode:  

  1. 24Hr Video Recording mode
  2. Motion Detection mode.  (Pre-recording : 5 second).
  3. Scheduled-recording mode.


Playback mode :

  1. single channel playback.
  2. video capture mode.


Supports multi-language

Digital Signage mode

Supports Digital signs playback mode

  1. H.264 .AVI file playback.
  2. Jpeg picture playback.

Supports HDMI scheduled On/Off control

Ethernet/Wifi configuration

Ethernet :  10/100mbps

WiFi :

  • Supports concurrent mode WiFi setting (Optional)
  • WiFi AP mode for WiFi IP Cam connection.  (WiFi AP mode is only for WPA2.)
  • WiFi Client mode for linking to Home ethernet wifi router.
  • Supports WiFi 802.11bgn.
  • Uses Realtek 8188 WiFi Module for WiFi feature.
  • Supports Router mode between concurrent mode if concurrent mode is enabled.

Power adaptor specifications

100~240V AC  50/60Hz input ,

12V 3A DC output