Its midnight, your front door was opened. What do you do?

1. Lock your bedroom door? or Go to see who's there?

2. How do I know if the intruder have left the vicinity?

3. I live alone in the apartment, how do I protect myself from the intruder?

8301S/8810S-RF Anti-Theft Pack

2.4 GHz RF

1. The Intruder opens the door :

  1. Door/Window Sensor has been triggered. It Links with with the IoT Camera.

2. IoT Camera :

  1. Sends out "Door/Window Open" push message to smart device.
  2. Rotates the Camera to assigned location.  
  3. Enables SIREN : Alarm sounds.
  4. Snapshot to sent to email by SMTP.  
  5. Snapshot can also be sent to WeChat. (Optional)
  6. Video Record Enabled. (with SD card)
  7. Turns on LED light’s alarm mode.

3. End-Users :

  1. Receives push message notification "Door/Window Open".
  2. Enables APP to get live feed to identify The Intruder.
  3. User decides whether to alert the authorities.
RF IoT Camera 8810S-RFRF IoT Camera 8301S-RF



Door Sensor PIR Sensor Temperature/Humidity Sensor

With our 3 basic sensors!



Thermal Humidity