It’s the World’s First! It stands out from the rest! It’s Unique!

                                        -Our Family’s treasure, it’s a must.


Want to lessen the burden of taking care of your baby?

Want your family to have a more cordial and comfortable life?

Want to make life smarter and safer?


Our New Product【IoT Smart Home Care Product - Baby Temperature Monitor】is now available!

              Phenomenal Characteristics…         

            *Non-Contact Temperature Detection*

         *Continuous Temperature Monitoring*

         *High-Precision Temperature Detection*

         *Non-Invasive & No Risk of Infection or Injury*


Don’t hesitate, if you are interested or have any questions, please contact us. Thank you!

In the future, we will also be adding:



In addition to our 2.4GHz RF!

More information will be released, or drop us a message on our Contact Us page!