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IoT Camera Installation: How To Pair IoT Devices and Configure Alarm System

IoT Camera Installation



Installation :  (Click Here for Video)

  1. Download the "ALLCAM" (by SBOEM) APP from Google Play or Apple Store and plug in the power adaptor.
  2. Hold the reset button for 3 seconds using a slim and long object. (the reset button is located on the side with a LED light. It is in the hole to the lower left of the light, on the opposite side of the SD-card slot.) When you see the blinking red-green LED light and hear the beeps, this means your IoT Camera is available for setup in Wi-Fi AP mode.
  3. In your Wi-Fi settings, you will find an access point named "ALLCAM-00:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx". Connect to this Wi-Fi access point. (The default password is 12345678)
  4. Turn on the APP and it will ask "Do you want to connect to Wi-Fi Router?" - Click OK. Then find your Wi-Fi SSID and enter your password.
  5. Congratulations! You finished setting up your IoT Camera.

       **Changing your password after setting up the Camera is highly recommended. (Click the Camera          Settings button and click Camera Password; you must be under the same Wi-Fi network to do          a password change. The default Camera Password is “admin”)

How to setup the alarm : (Click Here for video)

  Alarm configuration for when a Door Sensor or PIR Sensor is triggered,  IoT Camera will perform an M2M   event. Here is how to configure the alarm within the APP.

  1. Under the Camera List, select the camera you want to configure the sensor alarm for. Below and to the right of the live view is a configuration button, press it. (It's the button with a house and a gear.)
  2. Press the "Pair" button (bottom left) and it will begin looking for devices to pair. On the sensor itself there is a recessed pairing button located near the LED light; using a paperclip, hold the button for 3 seconds to pair the devices.
  3. A "Door Open Detector" or "PIR" will appear on the list, click it to configure the alarm.
  4. Using the live view below, point the camera to where you want to see when the sensor alarm is triggered and press the "Locate" button.
  5. Click "Enable" to enable the alarm. ("Disable", will disable the alarm when you need to open the door yourself.)


        **The “shield” button on the Live View screen will enable or disable all sensors. Remember to enable           your sensors before leaving! (The sensor must be first enabled in the IoT menu.)

Extra info:

The "Unit" is for when you have multiple sensors. Press the number to select different sensors to configure. (The button with the magnifying glass to the right is used to identify which sensor is being configured, the LED will light up after a few seconds when you press the magnifying glass button.)

Click below the "Nickname" box to name your sensors, then click the "Set" button.

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