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Contactless Fast human temperature detection by thermailpile array sensor 


Module Specification

1.Power is from USB bus power 5V.  Power consumption is about 100mW.
2. Data output: USB port and UART port from module.
3. 8*8 thermalPile array sensor detect 10~15uM wavelength.
4. Detect area : forehead area.  30~50cm. 
5. Temperarure accuracy: ±0.3。C


Thermalpile array sensor specification

1. resolution : 8*8
2. FOV: 35 degree for V and H


Control board specification

1. Low powr MCU from NXP.
2. Out interface::
      - USB  and UART for data output.
      - Power from USB or connector.
3. UART specification:  19200,8N1



The module design is for UART/USB interface application.  Now, COVID-19, this module could be used for ID card, face recognition.....

The application will be focus on hospital, school.....