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Magic Mirror for temperature


1. Using Thermal Image technique to monitor temperature.
2. OLED display to output temperature vaule.
3. Alarm for high temperature alarm
4. Low power design.


1. Button to setup high temperature alarm.
2. Buzzer for alarm
     2.1 Beep 1 quick sound: Pass.
     2.2 Beep 1 long and 2 short sound : High temperature alarm.
3. IO Output:  UART output
    3.1 UART Specification, please contact support.

Detection method

1. Using 8*8 thermal Image technique to monitor temperature.
2. Distance: 30 ~ 50 cm.
3. FOV:  H:35 degree / V: 35 degree.
4. Detection : forehead.
5. Temperature range: ±23.5 ~ 46.6℃


1. Baby Care.  -- New born baby.
2. Elder Care
3. Classroom.
4. Factory
5. Module provide.


9500N-100 Fast Human temperature detector


Can I power on 9500N-100 to test human temperature ?

No, you need to warn-up 3~5 minutes.  Then, you could start to use 9500N-000 to check human temperature.   If no warn-up, you may see more higher or lower temperature.


Can I use 9500N-100 under sunshine ?

No, you could not check human temperature under sunshine.   In sunshine, you may see higher human temperature because the skin will absorb the heat of the sun and increase the temperature.


Can I take my body temperature when I exercise or sweat?

When sweating, the human body has already begun to dissipate heat, and it is not accurate to measure body temperature at this time.


When measuring body temperature, is there anything to pay special attention to

Need to pay special attention to the following matters : 
1, Can not measure body temperature under the sun
2. There can be no other heat sources around,
3. Don't have mirrors around, high reflective glass.
4. Try to avoid standing water underground