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Magic Mirror

Model. 9500N-100
Magic Mirror is one of our contact-less body temperature detector serial product. It uses a high precision 8 x 8 Thermopile Array Sensor to capture, collect and analyze temperature (thermal energy) distribution data to obtain the correct information to further receive the output temperature from the device. Only measures the temperature (thermal energy) from the person and output the temperature data to the device.

Features and Specification

 ¹  Using 8 x 8 Thermopile Array sensor to capture 
    temperature from forehead.

 ²  With OLED to display the temperature

 ³  Report alarm with buzzer (Pass or Fail)

 ⁴  Near-instant Measuring : 3 sec per person 

 ⁵  Distance : 30 to 50 cm

 ⁶  FOV : 35 degree for V and H

 ⁷  Accuracy : ±0.3° C

 ⁸  Low power design

Application Area

We would like to recommend Magic Mirror to you
to measure temperature with contact-less.
Especially, it is suitable for public spaces to use
such as...

¹  Public spaces

²  Customs

³  School



Magic Mirror
Fast and Accuracy

It only takes 3 seconds to complete temperature measuring with a high-precision +-0.3 degrees

This product allows for public spaces, such as school, hospital, library, shopping mall, museum, building, custom, etc.



Can we power on 9500N-100 to test human temperature ?

Please warm-up 3 to 5 minutes of the device before we start measuring body temperature.
Otherwise, the device might obtain the incorrect temperature data (higher or lower temperature).


Can we use 9500N-100 in the sun ?

No, when in the sun, you can not use the product to measure the body temperature.
Because our skin will absorb the heat of the sun and increase temperature on our skin surface.


Can we measure the body temperature while exercising or sweating?

When you are sweating, our body will automatically dissipate the heat in every second, it means our
physiological function is doing balance process and meantime the temperature is changing as well.
Therefore, we can clearly know the temperature is related to ambient temperature and body. 


 When measuring the temperature, please following as below.

1. The product of temperature detect mirror cannot work in the sun.

2. The ambient temperature need to be controlled between 15 to 33 degrees Celsius.
3. Different environment: When a person enters the room from outside, if the temperature gap between
    the two is too large, it needs to be delayed by about 5 minutes before testing temperature. 

4. For temperature detect mirror, it is recommended to power-on 5 to 10 minutes for warm-up the system.

5. This product is mainly used to measure the temperature of the forehead from human.


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