Observe the following precautions at all times to make sure we have accurate temperature.

1. The product of temperature detect mirror cannot work under the sunshine. For outdoor usage, it is recommended to set up a scaffold, block ingenuity to the sun. When the sun shines directly, the hair quickly absorbs the sun energy. Therefore the body temperature will pull up and, do not measure the temperature at this time.

2. The ambient temperature need to be controlled between 15 to 35 degrees Celsius. Too low, or too high, measured body temperature has been unable to refer. Please control the ambient temperature in order to get the correct body temperature.

3. Different environment: When a person enters the room from outside, if the temperature gap between the two is too large, it needs to be delayed by about 5 minutes before testing temperature. For example, outdoor is 35 degrees Celsius, directly into the room for 25 degrees Celsius condition, Detect temperature immediately, the temperature will be incorrect.

4. For temperature detect mirror, it is recommended to power-on 5-10 minutes for warn up the system. Then, the detector could be work normally.

5. This product is mainly used to detect the temperature of the forehead. Other parts of the human body, the test will be incorrect.

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1   9500N-000  Quick Temperature Detector  click here

2  9500N-100  Magic Mirror  click here

3  9200N-WiFi  Fall Down Detector (WiFi)  click here

4  9202N-RF  Fall Down Detector (RF)  (coming soon)

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6  9610N-003  WiFi Human Detector  (coming soon)

7  9600N-005  RF Human Detector  (coming soon)

1    9500N-000  Quick Temperature Detector  (coming soon)

2   9500N-100  Magic Mirror  (coming soon)

3   9200N-WiFi  Fall Down Detector (WiFi)  click here

4   9202N-RF  Fall Down Detector (RF) (coming soon)

5   9110N-WiFi  Baby Temperature Monitor (WiFi)  click here

6   9610N-003  WiFi Human Detector  click here

7   9600N-005  RF Human Detector  click here


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