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Human Detection

9300N HUman Detection is a sensor to detect certain area whether someone is there.  It is not PIR that need to human movment.   If someone sleeps in meeting room, 9300N could detect it.


How to work

Human as a heat source.  If in certain space with extra heat soiurce, we could detect it.    

The device could be the IoT sensor to detect whether human is there.  Then, it is possible to do turn on/off power, energy, air-condition......


Main specification

1. Using 8*8 thermalpile array sensor as main sensor.
2.Automatic environmental calibration at boot
3. Trace the extra heating .
4. Working temperaturee:  ~ 30 degrss C.


What do we have now:

-We could provide the demo kit for customer evaluation.
- If you want to use interface like BLE, LoEa.....  we could oprovide you UART to connect.