About Us

Smart Bridge Information Inc.

A Taiwan-based company found in 2013.

Smart Bridge Information Inc. is a global leader of Thermal Imaging
Technology company in Taiwan. We are specialized in software and
hardware integrate development work. And we almost have 10 years

In the beginning, we focus on IoT Smart Home solutions market. And
obtained chances to display solutions and products of Smart Home
series, including China, Las Vegas and Spain and Taiwan international

Now, in order to meet the general trend of IoT, we proposes IoT software
and hardware solutions with Thermal Imaging Array Sensor as the core
to help partner customers connect their industry market.

Why choose us ?

 smart bridge about us,


Have professional team group with 
almost 10 years experiences since 2013.

smart bridge about us,features


Keep improving and developing on
our systems and products for further professional quality.

smart bridge,about us,features

We Are

On each solutions from customers, we are always try our best to meet and solve their problem.


Our goal is constantly do our best to research and develop
the valuable products and solutions and to improve our daily life.

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2013  Begining

Founding of Smart Bridge Information Inc. in Taiwan. We start from software research and development, system architecture, design to product development one by one, and plan in B to B and B to C business market.


2013-2020  Growth

Develop IoT(Internet of Things) products into IoT market. All products are designed in-house by us including software and hardware with our RF 2.4Ghz system. And we are totally 100% ODM and OEM company.  

In 2017, we gradually changed our core target. We used thermal imaging technology (system). And has took 7 years until now. We are independently developed algorithms and data analysis, controlling the temperature error within ±0.3°C. This change and decision make us successfully led the product into the health care, multi medical care, home care total solutions supplier.


2020-2021  COVID-19

During the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, Smart Bridge has followed the trend and provided quick temperature detection products to government units, agencies, companies, and individual users, and worked together to overcome the epidemic, COVID-19, reflecting the core value of our products and solutions.


2022-2023  AI Trend 

After 2016, Smart Bridge Information will focus on developing thermal imaging related products, and will start to invest in research and development in AI image analysis in 2022.

In the future, we will provide a combination of thermal imaging and AI image analysis to make up for more market. Let life safer and more convenient.


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12F, No 255, MInSheng Road, Hsinchu City, 300007, Taiwan, R.O.C

e-mail : sales@smartbridge-info.com
Phone : +886-3-5424911

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