Baby Temperature Monitor

Wi-Fi | Contact-less | Auto-Detection | No Radiation | High Accuracy

⌂ Smart Home Care & Baby Healthcare

With TuyaSmart APP, adding the device into Tuya IoT Solution Platform. This product we using a high precision 8 x 8 Thermopile Array Sensor as the main sensor to capture, collect and analyze temperature (energy) distribution data to obtain the correct information to further receive the output temperature from the device.

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We care about baby

This product is focus on the baby and IoT Smart Home solutions. Further more we would like to create brand new lifestyle to closer each others.

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We have friendly design

In any product design, we should consider not only surfaces but also conditions such as user experiences. So we take the contact-less design to this product, without any uncomfortable feelings and privacy issues.

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IoT Smart Home solutions

We want to improve lives with our Smart Healthcare solution. Here we can provide and support our users to have high-value experiences from this product.

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Baby Temperature Monitor

Model. 9110N-WiFi
This product is a non-wearable device for Baby Care. For 24 hours automatically measure the temperature from the forehead. When the device detects the high temperature, it will report the alert as a notification to you, so that you can check your baby immediately.
Especially in the night, parents need a sleep, and our baby temperature monitor not only allows 24 hrs to take care of your baby, but also to take care of parents' sleep quality every day.

✔ Product Feature 
Safety - no radiation
Privacy - no camera and no privacy issue
Application - real time monitor and alert report
• Fit Design - simple setup design
High Precision - ±0.2 °C
Automatically Measuring - fast and accurate

Specification and Working Principle

 ¹  Using 8*8 Thermopile Array sensor

 ²  Distance : 30 to 40 cm

 ³  FOV : 35 degree view angle

 ⁴  Working Temperature : 20 to 30°C

 ⁵  APP : TuyaSmart (iOS/Android)

 ⁶  Using Tuya IoT Platform : Tuya WiFi

 ⁷  The device will report high and low     
    temperature to your mobile and display on

    *High temperature alert 
    *Low temperature alert 

 ⁸  Automatically to collect and analyse data
    into history reports. (from app)

Detection Methodology

 •  This product is suitable for home and bathroom.

 •  Simple Setup : 

    1. WiFi setting 

    2. Install the device as you need, such as 
    bedroom, hospital, baby care center, school, etc.

    3. Plug in the power.


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