Thermal Imaging Technology

It is related to Temperature and Energy.

Through the 8 x 8 resolution Thermopile sensor to obtain the most accurate data points and auto-correction when in action to collect more analyzable data throughout the sensing process.   It means through detect and convert the infrared energy within an area to a signal for output for best sensing results. 


“ What did you see in the image? ”
Human?  Heat?  Energy?  Temperature?



‧ The energy is from human body.
‧ For 10 ~15 um wavelength.
‧ Receive those digital into thermal image.



‧ Energy map to transfer a useful result to go further calculate the data.
‧ Judge energy allocation and quantity.



‧ Study more about energy.  
‧ To approach everyday life.
‧ Not only create usage applications and also solve problems we saw.

All objects will radiate infrared energy.

The actual surface temperature and inner temperature of the target, actually there is different and directly affect the quantity of energy radiated.

Thermal imaging technology is the process of converting *infrared radiation (IR) into images And output the spatial distribution of temper-ature differences in a scene viewed by the thermal sensor.
*infrared radiation(IR)-Infrared light is invisible to the human eye, and longer infrared waves can be sensed as heat.


As start, we use thermal sensor to detect human. But we should know first about-
" What is the high-precision thermopile array sensor can, and how to move on and use it that make an improve in our life? "

An infrared array sensor is a sensor for detecting the level of infrared radiation, not a direct measurement of the temperature. The emission temperature of an object within the viewing angle is determined based on the detected infrared energy.



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