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CS2020 Temperature Face Recognition

Product Features
Suitable for office areas, hotels, access gates, office buildings, schools, shopping malls, shops, communities, public service and management projects and other places where face access control is required.

1.Body temperature and face detection at the same time, quickly and accurately applied to face recognition attendance.
2.Open IO signal, Wiegand signal, RS485, RS232 signal control Support offline use.
3.Support visitor appointment, user face registration functions, support access card / ID card reader.
4.Support 1: N verification, binocular live detection in 1: N mode to prevent photo and video spoofing.
5.In the case of external ID card reading, support 1: 1 verification , and the recognition pass rate under 1: 1 verification is 99.99%.
6. 1:N model recognition accuracy is high,when the face database is 5000, the misrecognition rate is 1 in 10,000, and the pass rate is 99.87%.
7. Fast recognition,face tracking and detection takes about 20ms,living body detection speed is about 200ms,face feature extraction takes about 150ms,face comparison takes about 400ms.
8. Using video stream-based dynamic face detection, tracking and recognition algorithms.
9. Support offline storage of 100,000 face photos and recognition records.
Support face recognition on-site photo saving.
10. Support serial port, Wiegand output, output content support configuration.
Support offline LAN device 

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