9500N-USB  Modules

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The module design is for UART/USB interface application. Now, this module can be used for ID card, face recognition, etc. Especially suitable for public spaces, such as hospital, school, offices and shops, etc.

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9500N-000  Module

This module 9500N-000 is for our temperature detector serial. Using 8*8 Thermopile Array sensor to capture the temperature of human body. It can measures the thermal energy to capture and calculate through a contactless method. And it send out temperature by UART and USB 2.0 interface. 

Module Specification

● Module Specification

 ¹  Power is from USB bus power 5V
    Power consumption is about 100mW

 ²  Data output: USB port and UART port from

 ³  8*8 Thermolpile Array sensor detect 
    10~15uM wavelength

 ⁴  Detect area : forehead area 30~50 cm

 ⁵  Temperature accuracy : ±0.3° C

● Control Board Specification

 ¹  Low power MCU from NXP
 ²  Out Interface :
     - USB and UART for data output
     - Power from USB or connector

 ³  UART specification : 19200, 8N1

Thermopile Array sensor specification

¹  Resolution : 8*8 thermal image

²  FOV : 35 degree

³  Distance : 30 to 40 cm


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