Distribution Box Temperature Monitoring System

Believe and doing the protection work involved with the distribution box safety, to 100% realize.

“ Have you ever thought about whether they're really safe? ”

One of the main factors for electrical safety is based on the safety of the "Distribution Box" .

Using safety as a cornerstone, SBI has developed a safety support solution for distribution boxes through precise temperature monitoring.

Is My Electrical Equipment a Fire Hazard?

Old Equipment

Many buildings are generally 20~30 years old, meaning their distribution boxes and equipment are around the same age. The load and old design are insufficient, and it is through these factors they will increase on the distribution box. The risk of short circuiting and electricity leak are greatly increased.

Increased Demand

Modern demand for electricity has increased, and in order to meet that demand, the substation's equipment must maintain operation for longer times. Overloading the substation will cause the equipment to heat up or overheat, which makes it prone to explosion or fire.

Foreign Destructive Objects

Distribution Boxes are generally installed in a remote location, and sometimes wild animals such as rats, squirrels, geckos...etc destroy equipment or wired, making it possible to cause electrical leaks and short circuits. Increasing the possibility of fired and explosions.

Electrical Leakage

Divides into two factors:Natural and Human.
Both may reduce the insulation functions of the wires and result in abnormal leakage of current between wires. When electricity passes through areas with high resistance it generates high temperature and may cause sparks or fire at the points of leakage.

Electrical Short

Due to the sudden reduction in resistance of a short and the sudden increase of current, heat generation will increase greatly instantaneously. This heat generation at short circuit points will easily generate sparks and start a fire in nearly combustibles, resulting in an electrical fire.


Refers to the phenomenon when the current of the wire exceeds the safe current carrying capacity, resulting in a raise in temperature. When overloading occurs , it will accelerate the aging and deterioration of the wires, and the temperature will continue to rise in the long term. Once the temperature reaching a breaking point, it will combust and ignore the combustible materials near the wire, possibly catching fire or cause an explosion.

High Contact Resistance

The resistance formed by contact surface of the joints in the distribution box. If there are impurities i the joint or poor contact resulting in high resistance. When current flows through the joint, a large amount of heat will be generated resulting in high temperature, which makes it easy to start a fire or explosion.

Solution Goals

Whether it is a distribution box or transformer box, we all know of its existence and its importance. However, often we ignore its value and its safety.

Integrate the Temperature Monitoring function and technology into the distribution box to prevent damage.

Effectively reduce the overall maintenance cost and labor cost.


Flexible and open cross-platform data analysis and status analysis.


Automatic collection of data, in combination with cloud database.

Brilliant Designs


100% Taiwan R&D Design


100% Non-contact and Precise Temperature Monitoring


Superior Performance with ±2°C Accurate Temperature

Solution info

Distribution Box Heat Monitoring System - 9600N-RF

The keys to supporting the product are the four cores, which are designed and developed by SBI. Including temperature monitoring with the purpose of collecting temperature values; the transformer box database, through combination with the cloud automatically collects the temperature data. Integration and curve observation. Hardware equipment; through gateways and sensors they connect and upload to the cloud database. display terminal; through the display LED they show whether the connection is working properly.


Temperature Monitoring

Non-contact design with measuring distance of 10~40 cam



Connects to the cloud and browser and can have customizable alarms temperature and observation of the data curve.


Hardware Equipment

Connects and transmits with gateways, sensors and routers.


Display Terminal

Shows whether the device is operating normally through the light signals(connection). 

Specifications and Features

Having a stable and reliable power system is an important guarantee for the development of everyone, every family, every city and every country.

Temperature Monitoring Sensor


• Uses 8 x 8 resolution thermal imaging sensor
• Detection Angle : 35 degrees vertical and horizontal viewing angles
• Temperature measurement rang : -30°C ~ 300°C
• Supports 2.4GHz RF transmitter data transmission
• Supports USB interface, 5V/1A DC power supply
• Supports 2.4GHz RF pairing button functions



• Uses GP329 series, built-in ARM9 32-bit CPU
• Receives 2.4GHz RF sensor data
• Passes data through Restful via Wi-Fi or Ethernet
uploads using API communication protocol to server/cloud database
• Supports WPS button pairing / RF button pairing / restore factory settings
• Uses Realtek RTL8189 series for Wi-Fi
• Supports SD card slot / SD card reading to provide firmware update
• Supports up to 8 sensor connections at a time

Cloud Server Functions


• Focuses on the basic functions of Wed Hosting to  reduce cloud costs.
• Supports Wed Hosting compiled into the target server(company/within the organization)
• Uses SQL Database to reduce back-end development time
• Uses Restful API for data transmission and reduce maintenance costs
• Supports browser direct access and provides cross-platform integration

Distribution Box Database


• Cloud is located in the United States and mainland China
• Supports browser to accurately observe temperature curve
• Supports directly whether the device is functioning properly or malfunctioning
• Supports able to quickly modify existing architecture from Internet to intranet (Intranet conversion requires a separate server)
• Customers can have individual IDs to protect data security
• Supports temperature alert value customization and notification can be triggered immediately


Operating Mode

Through the temperature monitoring of the distribution box(cabinet), the temperature data is uploaded to the cloud and the hidden dangers of abnormal equipment operating temperature  can be discovered in time through the browser and early warning notifications can be realized.


Temperature Curve Graphics

Each temperature data batch s fully presented through the temperature curve, and the operation status of the distribution box(cabinet) is tracked real time, which helps to avoid personal injury and economic loss of by serious failures.

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