Fall Down Detector  

RF 2.4G | Contact-less | Auto-Detection | Safety | Privacy | Waterproof IP54

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This product is one of our contactless application of Fall Down Detector . We uses a high-precision 8 x 8 Thermopile Array Sensor to capture, collect and analyze temperature (energy) distribution data to obtain the efficient information to further receive the output data message from the device. 

We successfully had build-in Fall Down Detector in the hospital care system since 2018 in Taiwan and obtain high value feedback till now. 

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We care about seniors

Our products is design for IoT Smart Home solutions , especially for elder people. To improve and raise our living quality and create brand new lifestyle.

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We do the friendly design

About the product design we also concern about human's  behaviors and activities, this feature would not to affect our original habits at all, and without any uncomfortable feelings.

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We built-in in the hospital 

We successfully cooperated with Taiwan hospital, there are 50 bathroom are built-in since 2018. It is a impression case and successful experience for us.

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RF 2.4G
Fall Down Detector with IoT Gateway

Model. 9200N-RF-100
It is a serious problem that we are worry about. In fact, when seniors have a dangerous and happened in their daily live, actually we can not give a hand to them immediately, it may cause the badly consequence we would not like to see... 

First, the elderly people can be fall down anytime in some specific places, such as bathroom. Second, it is really hard to prevent or stop the accident happen everyday, even they are stay alone at home.

To make an effort to save more time and notice the accident, we design this product with a high-precision thermolpile array sensor, and the short process time empowers the user to get more time to do something efficiently after the accident happened. Besides, it is without any camera and private issue. Our product is a safety and high reliable for end users. 

✔ Product Feature 
Safety - no radiation
Privacy - no camera and no privacy issue
Application - real time monitor and alert report
• Fit Design - simple setup and contactless
Range - distance 3 m, view angle 35 degree

Specification and Working Principle

 ¹  Using 8*8 Thermopile Array sensor
²  Distance : 3 m (Maximum Distance)

³  FOV : H: 35 degree/V: 35 degree view angle

  Working Temperature : ≤30°C

⁵  Power : DC 5V1A

⁶  Using RF Protocol : 2.4Ghz RF / GFSK

 ⁷  Automatic detection and analytic individual energy and behavior.

 ⁸  The device reports alert continue for 10 seconds.

 ⁹  Collect temperature and analyse history data automatically.

 ¹⁰  9201N-RF had passed for waterproof level IP54.

Detection Methodology

 •  This product is suitable for home and bathroom.

 •  Simple Setup : 

    1. Install the device as you need, such as
       dangerous places like a bathroom and
       bedroom, etc.

    2. Fall Down Detector pair with Gateway
        (1 Gateway can be paired with up to 8 Fall
        Down Detectors)

    3. Plug in the power.

Fall Down Detector

Model. 9202N-RF

The video had reported from China Shen-Zeng TV in 2018. Although, it is a Chinese version, but in the video, the fall down detector will be very important for the future on elder and home care marketing.

▍Reminder ▍  This product does not provide installation services, but only provides information about products and solutions, thank you.


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