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Optimized Breeding Environment Temperature Control System

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Continuing our Swine Facility Temperature Control Solutions...

The new Energy-Efficient Sow Nursing Care System for Sows is specifically designed for sows and newborn piglets. This solution offers remote monitoring and temperature control for the sow nursing environment in swine farms. The system features excellent regional temperature control capabilities, effectively alleviating heat stress in sows and meeting the warming needs of piglets.

Our system employs an energy-efficient design, unlike traditional heat lamps, avoiding high electricity consumption and single-use limitations. Users can adjust and control the temperature in real-time, ensuring simple and convenient operation. Additionally, the system features comprehensive data management capabilities, allowing users to view and manage relevant data at any time, ensuring ease of use and peace of mind.

Motivation and Needs 

Aimed at enhancing the health and welfare of sows and newborn piglets in swine farms

“Sows are heat-sensitive, piglets are cold-sensitive”

For newborn piglets, whose thermoregulation systems are not fully developed, it is common practice to use heat lamps (175 watts) to provide continuous warmth. This helps maintain their body temperature within a stable range, reducing the risks of hypothermia, illness, and death.

Conversely, sows dislike high temperatures and are relatively sensitive to heat. When the environmental temperature becomes too high, sows can experience abnormal physiological reactions, including reduced milk production and increased heat stress.



Detailed and Professional Consideration for Swine Farm Operational Efficiency and Energy Conservation


A First Intelligent Energy-Saving Nursing Care System for Sows and Piglets

Our Energy-Efficient Sow Nursing Care System is designed to enhance the health and welfare of sows and newborn piglets. It integrates multiple cutting-edge technologies and offers benefits such as remote control, energy efficiency, and cost savings, developed meticulously over an extended period.

The system features high-precision temperature sensing and regulation functions, allowing the adjustment of environmental temperature according to the actual needs of sows and piglets, ensuring optimal comfort at all times.

The goal is to help clients meet the physiological needs of both sows and piglets, providing appropriate heat stress relief and warming mechanisms. This warming and care system significantly reduces electricity costs while achieving excellent energy management and conservation benefits.

  • Provides both heat stress relief for sows and warmth for piglets.
  • The system features low power consumption and energy-saving solutions, significantly reducing high electricity costs. It also supports users in integrating with future carbon credit programs, helping to reduce related expenses.
  • Maintains stable regional temperatures day and night, promoting the stable growth of newborn and nursing piglets, reducing disease risks, and allowing users to adjust the target temperature in real-time based on ambient conditions.
  • Equipped with a comprehensive system platform for data integration, remote control, and precise management. It assists in recording and analyzing long-term environmental data, helping farm managers develop more suitable nursing plans.

System Advantages

Through analysis, this system benefits swine farm management, enhances the health of sows and piglets, and effectively reduces related risks during the rearing.


Heat Stress Relief for Sows

Warmth Provision for Piglets


Disease Reduction & Stable Growth

Low Power Consumption, High Energy Efficiency

Remote Control and Management

Energy Efficiency Comparison

Our Energy-Efficient Sow Nursing Care System is designed with the efficiency and energy-saving needs of swine farm operations in mind.

Its advanced energy-saving technology significantly reduces energy consumption and, through intelligent control, avoids the high power usage issues associated with traditional heat lamps.

Additionally, the system's user interface is straightforward and user-friendly, allowing users to operate it easily without the need for professional training.


System Architecture

Compared to the current situation, Energy-Efficient Sow Nursing Care System is oriented towards achieving higher efficiency with lower energy input.

It assists in meeting customers' real-time adjustment needs, setting target temperatures, and implementing smart farming strategies.

This aligns with the vision of preserving and passing on technology rooted in Taiwan.


The Energy-Efficient Sow Nursing Care System offers superior durability and stability, capable of operating stably for extended periods under different environmental conditions, thereby reducing maintenance costs and equipment failure rates.

Overall, this important care system not only enhances swine farm management efficiency but also improves the quality of life and growth for both sows and piglets. It is an indispensable professional equipment for modern swine farms!


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