Internal Animal Temperature Monitoring

Long-term monitoring of animal body temperature.


TH01M Internal Animal Temperature Monitoring is a contact-based temperature measurement device, characterized by its lightweight design and ease of operation (device volume less than 6 cm). 

Through professional testing, it ensures that it does 

not harm the animal's body or cause additional burden, operating steadily. When in use, the device is placed inside the animal's body, allowing it to be very close to the animal's body to obtain core body temperature.

Now and Future

The product advocates for real-time temperature and health monitoring inside animals, aiding in understanding their health status, providing real-time temperature data, allowing remote tracking and management even from afar, breaking the distance in animal care.

In case of any issues, early detection is possible, even achieving disease risk prediction, enabling appropriate measures to be taken within a short period, meeting users' needs for adjusting livestock management and breeding strategies, making it the preferred choice in feasibility applications.

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The Truth About Internal Animal Temperature Monitoring In Words

How it work ?

The TH01M Internal Animal Temperature Monitoring is applied internally within the body of the animal (targeted area). When in use, the device is inserted into the animal's reproductive system (uterus, vagina) or digestive system (anus), directly measuring the current body temperature through the temperature sensor carried by the device, and obtaining the measurement result.

The collection and analysis of result data are transmitted to the main control center - gateway through 2.4GHz RF IoT transmission technology, then uploaded to the cloud for remote monitoring, providing real-time alarm messages, allowing users to monitor and browse data anytime, anywhere.

The product system supports users in creating personal accounts, where users remotely log into the system with account ID/password to access the system interface center, meeting users' remote monitoring needs to grasp real-time data on-site or track related historical data.


• Agricultural Temperature Monitoring
Monitoring soil temperature, determining crop absorption levels, aiding in tracking crop growth and yield situations.

• Fertilizer Cultivation Monitoring
Grasping fertilizer reaction time (fermentation time) can save significant time-consuming costs and simplify procedures.


57.0 x 17.7 x 17.7 mm

Temperature Accuracy

Temperature accuracy is ±0.3℃

Key Features 

• Excellent Stability
• High Precision
• Lightweight and Compact
• Wireless Transmission
• Ready to Use
• Long-term Monitoring


How To Measure An Animal's Internal Temperature?


Diverse Applications

Seeing the impact of temperature, accurately grasping every detail.


In which other fields and applications can animal internal temperature monitoring be applied?

1/ Agricultural Temperature Monitoring

Both plants and crops rely on soil for successful growth. Soil, as a medium, plays a crucial role. Therefore, regulating and caring for soil temperature is equally important.

The condition of the soil affects absorption capacity and the entire growth process. Therefore, implementing long-term monitoring of soil temperature can help maintain a healthy relationship between crops and soil, as well as improve farming efficiency.

2/ Fertilizer Cultivation Monitoring

Composting involves a certain process, gradually fermenting through temperature control, complex chemical reactions, and time input. However, conventional composting methods are often time-consuming and laborious.

By using temperature monitors combined with system analysis, it is possible to predict the reaction temperature of compost and ensure that the fermentation process is at its optimal state, while also saving on labor and time costs.

6 Things You Must Know About Internal Animal Temperature Monitoring

Internal Animal Temperature Monitoring provides valuable information in livestock applications and has the following advantages:


Intelligent Management

Real-Time Monitoring

Disease Prevention

Cost Saving

Growth Benefits

Remote Monitoring

Product Parameters / Specification

Does not cause system burden and maintains quality requirements



• Frequency:2.4Ghz

• RF transmission power:-5dbM
    i. Range in open area: approximately 100M
    ii. Distance will decrease in different animal bodies due to animal body moisture and tissue factors

• This device is the transmitting end and needs to be used with our gateway to receive signals and access data stored in the cloud database.



57.0 x 17.7 x 17.7 mm

Built-in Battery


• Estimated to transmit data once every 1 minute, lasts approximately 20 days

• Modifying the transmission interval may extend battery life

• Built-in Battery capacity:55mAH

Temperature and Humidity Working Parameters


• Temperature:-22 to 78°C, Accuracy:±0.3°C

• Humidity:0 to 100%, Accuracy:5%
(Observe if the device is airtight; if not, moisture may penetrate the device body, affecting device use and detection accuracy)

Cloud Database


• Supports user account/password creation to protect user privacy

• Supports browser tracking of temperature data, users can obtain:
    i. Real-time temperature values
    ii. Historical temperature trend charts

Product Appearance

What's put in is not just design; it's a part of realizing life.


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