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AI Smart Tracking Webcam

Full-Color 4K Image | 112° Wide Angle | AI Humanoid Tracking | USB Plug and Play | Communication Software Support

Brand New 4K UHD Smart Tracking Webcam with AI

Smart Bridge's new 4K Ultra HD AI Smart Tracking Webcam, combined with AI Deep Learning Technology, is equipped with Sony® 4K iMX415 CMOS high-efficiency image processing sensor. Perfect for web meetings, online teaching or live broadcasts to always deliver ultra-clear and delicate images.

AI Humanoid Tracking ─ built-in AI imaging analysis automatically track the human figure, grasps the human portrait, the camera moves synchronously with the portrait and finds the most suitable frame without losing focus. Allowing users to fully enjoy the video quality and excellent functions with high definition images.


AI Intelligence
Freely Adjust The Field Of View

Smart Bridge's new 4K Ultra HD AI Smart Tracking Webcam infused with AI tracking function and image analysis technology has comprehensive function upgrades to keep the system running efficiently. No matter where you, at home, in the office or on the road; easily control your video conference experience.

We have three built-in modes for users to freely set and flexibly switch between to ensure that users can easily cope with any work or entertainment needs.

Optimize Video Size
to Save Storage Space

Smart Bridge 4K Ultra HD AI Smart Tracking webcam will surpass the same resolution webcam in the market, allowing users to upload and download easily without worrying about bandwidth and load issues.

| For Example |

4K UHD Mode (Mode 3) supports VGA (640 x 480) video size with up to 4K resolution. When the user selects the video image output quality as 4K clear mode, the video image of VGA size will be automatically intercepted based on the center of the image. Although it cannot have a full screen, it can help users greatly save storage space. In addition, it guarantees professional output of 4K high-definition picture quality, gives flexible space in transmission performance, and complements the potential demands of live broadcast and video.

Easily adjust videos to save storage space!

4K (3840 x 2160) video size → center screenshot → into VGA (640 x 480) video size


4K UHD Resolution

Detail and outstanding image quality in any light and environment.


HDR Best Quality

HDR is the default enabled mode, helping users to obtain clear and natural image quality during high dynamic and creation.


Advantages of System

To support the best quality, the system introduces AI intelligent tracking, supports 8 million pixels of 4K 30fps, all video images and performance can be stabilized and optimized.


✔ AI

Significantly enhance identification and tracking capabilities

✔ Sony® 4K iMX415

CMOS provides clear video and superior picture quality



Software-free/Plug  & Play / Delivers Performance

Easy to Use
Applicable to a variety of scenarios

Suitable for business video conferencing, online teaching, learning, live broadcasting, users can enjoy the 4K AI Smart Tracking webcam.

How 5 Things Will Change The Way You Approach 4K Ultra HD AI Smart Tracking Webcam


Full-Color 4K Image

4K Ultra HD AI smart tracking video camera with high-definition image quality and 8-megapixel (3840 x 2160) resolution to achieve full color and vivid details of video images.

112° Wide-Angle Lens

7401GU is no need for a motor to control the rotation of the lens, because our video lens has a complete 112° wide-angle, which can easily meet the indoor and outdoor field of view. Users can enjoy the ideal video quality brought on by the 112° wide-angle lens.

Advantages of not using a motor-
✔ No Running Noise  ✔ Reduce The Risk Of Failure  ✔ Improve Performance Reliability  ✔ Extend Equipment Life

AI Humanoid Tracking

The built-in AI technology helps to accurately capture information related to the human shape, outline, number of people and location, allowing the camera to fully perform the task of subject recognition and tracking. And directly process a large amount of data directly on the hardware. Whether an individual or a group, static of dynamics, it can present breathtaking details.

USB Plug and Play

We adapt a simply and lightweight USB plug-and -play design for the convenience of the users during operation, and there are no geographical restrictions. It is suitable for a large variety of devices (laptop, desktop, tablet), and perfectly responds to various situations and helps users get started quickly.

Supports Communication Software

Compatible with mainstream systems and communication software, users can freely use commonly used audio-visual capturing software or popular video conference software, including OBS, Line, Skype, Wechat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Youtube... etc without affecting the user's system performance and also provides excellent and smooth video quality.

Compatible with mainstream systems, communication and live broadcasting software

Users can freely engage with their audio-video software, communication software or video conferencing software to create a professional and smooth video experience!


Specifications & Features

Without creating a burden in the system, but maintains quality requirements



Uses Generalplus GPA7740 SOC
Built-in ARM Cortex A7 64MB SDRAM
Supports USB UVC / UAC protocol
Supports Humanoid Tracking Mode / Thumbnail Mode
Supports ISP Video Signal Automatic Adjustment



Sony® iMX415 4K CMOS Sensor



Low Distortion, Wide-Angle
Field of View (FOV):112° Horizontal
Distance:Up to 4 meters

AI Image Analysis


Uses GPA7740 built-in DLA for people imaging analysis
Equipped with Sony® iMX415 to process and analyze humanoid data, 30 frames per second 

Output Format


YUV:VGA 15 / 30 FPS
MJPEG:VGA / HD / FHD / QHD 15 / 30 FPS
H.264:VGA / HD / FHD / QHD 15 / 30 FPS

• Remark 
VGA:A Resolution Of 640 x 480 pixels
HD:A Resolution Of 1280 x 720 pixels
FHD:A Resolution Of 1920 x 1080 pixels
QHD:A Resolution Of 2560 x 1440 pixels

Mode Switching (Button)


Mode 1:Tracking Mode, image analysis and tracking function

Mode 2:Standard Mode, directly reduces the original 4K image to the user-specified output resolution. (This mode will forfeit 4K resolution, but retain the full-frame image.)

Mode 3:Clear Mode, output set by the user with the center point captured by the user-specified size, maintains 4K resolution. (This mode maintains 4K resolution, but cannot preserve th full-frame image.)

Environmental Parameters


Power:5V USB Bus power
Power consumption:5V 400 ~ 450mA
Operation Temperature:0 to 50 ℃
Storage Temperature:- 20 to 70 ℃
Power consumption:Max : mA@5V;Normal : mA@5V
Humidity:20-80% RH non-condensing

Additional Specs


Supports H.264 Video Compression Technology
Supports Built-in Microphone
Supports Image Inversion
Supports Focal Distance
Supports HDR Function
Supports USB-A Plug and Play (Type A)
Can be used with mainstream streaming platforms and OBS live streaming systems.


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