Multi-Functional Motor Controller

Multi-Functional Motor controller combining industrial and IoT applications


The Multi-Functional Motor Controller developed by SBI integrates IoT Internet of Things, industrial control, and cloud data, making it a professional control device.

For the product, it boasts several advantages, including system intelligence enhancement, comprehensive remote monitoring capabilities, and efficient cloud processing capabilities.

For users, it assists in solving some challenging issues, including environmental safety, manpower shortages, time management, energy control, etc., demonstrating its flexible functionality in any field.

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We emphasize the integration of IoT technology systems, enabling the Multi-Functional Motor Controller to dynamically adjust based on users' actual needs, meeting the current demands for energy saving and efficiency improvement. Additionally, it ensures users experience the convenience and immediacy of remote monitoring, identifying correlations between data through data feedback functions, playing a key role in reducing distance constraints formed by time and space.

Given its broad integration scope, at the system security level, a comprehensive upgrade strengthens the encryption security mechanism of data and transmission, helping consolidate the system's security requirements, reducing potential usage risks and operational threats, achieving higher benefits.

In conclusion, whether it's IoT or industrial control, the key to connectivity lies in equipment not only controlling on/off functions but also in complete recording. By analyzing our behavioral patterns and times of interacting with and using it, seeing relevant variables, we can better understand our life trajectory, achieving deep friendly interaction.

How it work ?

The device data results received by the Multi-Functional Motor Controller are collected, analyzed, and transmitted to the main control center - gateway - via 2.4Ghz RF IoT communication protocol, then uploaded for cloud processing and access, and finally browsed on the remote backend. It provides real-time alert messages, allowing users to monitor and browse data anytime, anywhere.

The product system supports users to establish personal accounts. Users can remotely log into the system with account ID/password to enter the system interface center for browsing. It can meet users' remote monitoring needs anytime to grasp real-time data or track relevant historical data.

✔ Connection sequence
Sensor → Multi-Functional Motor Controller → Gateway → Cloud 

Key Features 

• Excellent Stability
• Excellent Versatility
• High Precision
• Cloud Integration
• Energy-saving Benefits
• Development Flexibility


Expansion Applications

Flexible and diverse applications are the key roles we give it.

Industrial & Manufacturing

To date, applications are wide-ranging, including industrial, manufacturing, automotive, energy, environmental protection, aerospace, etc. Used to control production and various operations to achieve efficient operation and automated processes.

Home & Medical

Whether in smart homes or medical fields, applications are quite mature, from doors and windows to lighting systems, surgical robots to syringes, all fully demonstrate its precise and safe control performance.

Agriculture & Animal Husbandry

This is a new control field, applicable to animal husbandry and breeding sheds, agricultural planting, etc. Through remote control of various sensors and external equipment, pre-action and big data analysis are performed.

Make The Multi-Functional Motor Controller A Reality

Achieving design goals, from intuitive operation to minimalist configuration, shapes our product concept.


6 Facts Everyone Should Know our Multi-Functional Motor Controller

Multi-Functional Motor Controller provides valuable information in different applications, with the following advantages:


Intelligent Management

Remote Monitoring

Date Feedback

Environmental Safety

Cost Savings

Energy Saving Benefits

Product Parameters / Specification

Does not burden the system, maintains quality requirements

IoT Connection


• 2.4Ghz RF wireless transmission
• Supports up to 8 devices (sensors) connection
• Data transmission only 250 Kb/s automatic frequency hopping
• Supports encryption function to enhance data transmission reliability

Cloud System


• Mainly supports MQTT and Restful API IoT communication protocols

• Cloud servers are primarily based on US servers, can freely move globally (countries)

• Cloud servers can be transformed from Internet to Intranet architecture Basic architecture: Linux OS, MySQL Database, Apache Web Server, PHP, JavaScript

Motor Control


• Supports and integrates traditional motor functions: Up/Down/Stop
Explanation:When the original motor switch is left in the "Stop" position, the motor operation can be directly remotely controlled by the IoT system

• Motor has position memory function

Industrial Control


• Supports 4 sets of dry contact inputs, 4 sets of outputs

Gateway Control


• Can support IoT RF or other device connection services

▪ Supports data conversion to TCP/IP protocol, uploaded to server

▪ Supports downloading server requirements, transmitted to various sensors or controllers

Operating Voltage


• Voltage:Supports 110V/220V AC
• Wattage:Actual wattage used depends on the size of the built-in power supply

Operating Temperature


0 ~ 40 ℃

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